About Us

Why (motivation):
Increase success, profitability, and the fun of day-to-day business for entrepreneurs.

How (process):
Reduce the complexity and difficulty of setting up a successful small-medium business.

What (product):
Software: tools and system. Training for those tools.
Some history – our timeline

2011 – We decide we needed a ticket system, we could no longer manage the volume of client requests only via email, so we tried all the major helpdesk out there. None was well adapted to agency work.

2012 – We created Busydesk. For all of 2012 and 2013 we ran Busydesk as our own exclusive proprietary system available only for our clients.

2014 – We decided to make busydesk publicly available this year to all other agencies who needs a ticket system. We rewrote the software for automatic account creation and so on. As you will easily discover by yourself, other systems like zendesk.com, freshdesk.com and desk.com just don’t cut it for an agency. Busydesk is the best Agency Helpdesk.

Leave us suggestions or your input - we'd love to hear what you think about BusyDesk.